Which is the best online web development tool available: Joomla or WordPress?

Online web development has become a growing market and several people are making use of it as it is easy-to-use, economical and fast. The basic difference between Joomla and WordPress is that Joomla is meant for portals or sites which are like communities, whereas, WordPress is a meant for online blogs and posts. While Joomla supports several commercial APIs or customized third party software to be used along with it, WordPress has a large community of users that actively work on the development side.

While both the tools are great in its own aspects, Joomla is recommended when you want to have a community and network with people such as newsrooms, forums, fan groups etc. as the navigation is easy and for creating this type of website, you do not need much knowledge of HTML. Using Joomla, you can do the configurations yourself. If you wish to explore Joomla on your own, it is best recommended that you read a book about it. Also, Joomla offers support for multiple languages and you can buy professional layouts for a nominal price if you do not wish to indulge in developing it yourself.

However, if you wish to import articles from some other website, doing it with Joomla is not easy. Although there are extensions available to do the job, importing from one version to the other is tedious. There are periodic updates and upgrades available for Joomla. It is complex, provides easy navigation and makes use of modules. However, the bottom line of Joomla is that it is not as simple as WordPress.

WordPress is highly simple and you do not require any prerequisite to work using WordPress. It is easy to install, customizable and free to use. The community support of WordPress is excellent as there are millions of users worldwide. But WordPress has no support for multiple languages and if you want to have multiple languages in your website. WordPress somehow is appreciated by Google, as the contents updated using WordPress are updated in Google results within two days, making it easy for SEO. WordPress is not updated frequently as compared to Joomla and the navigational path in WordPress websites depends upon the templates that are used. If your website needs to be SEO oriented and you want the results to reflect soon on search engines, WordPress is the best bet.

But if you want a proper structure in the website along with the navigational links, Joomla is better. You need to have a good understanding of the tool before you start working on it. Based on your requirement, you will have to choose between JoomlaorWordpress. Also, it is a good idea to read and understand more about the different tools available so that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of different tools available. Both the tools are open source and the financial aspect would not be much of a concern in either case.