Reasons to Use the iCloud

The iCloud is a service known to all iPhone and iPad owners. Yet, not everyone necessarily uses it. Once mastered, however, it is nevertheless a practical and inevitable tool. Whether it is used to save space on your iPhone, or just access your photos from any device, the iCloud is an indispensable tool. The photo library, which brings together all the images in the image library of an iPhone, allows users to store their photos online. The main advantage is, of course, to reduce the disk space used on a device, to install more applications or take new photos. For more information, visit today.

The photo library has other advantages to choose from. First of all, users can view their photos on all devices, from the iPhone to the iPad to the iPod, Apple TV, and Mac. It is also possible to access all photos from the web page. The iCloud Drive is considered a virtual hard disk. It allows people to store many files for later access, just like the photo library, from all of the user’s devices. Via macOS Sierra, a recorded file is immediately found on the iCloud drive and becomes accessible wherever you are by using the dedicated application.

In other words, the user can start a document on his or her Mac and save it for later editing on their iPhone before finishing up at another time on an iPad, for example. The iCloud is free but only offers 5 GB of free storage space. To add more space, you will have to spend a little extra money. Up to six members of the same family can share data such as photos, calendars, and even purchases.

iCloud is the central focus of data centralization for Apple users. It is possible to access its calendar, its emails, or all contacts that are on a person’s iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. Also, do not forget the site which allows folks to access the same data. Also, iCloud settings allow users to choose which data they want to save to their iCloud account and which ones do not deserve such treatment.