Switch to Ring Lights to deliver a Perfect Work

Ring lights are considered as an asset of any professional photographer. The type of ring light you should choose depends on the type of photography you are into. As a fashion photographer, you might prefer a ring light with a large diameter so that the shadows captured are softened but being a macro photographer, a smaller diameter would ensure that all angles of the subject are covered.

Features to compare

Ring light photography is widely popular these days. When you first purchase a ring light for photography there are certain features which you should compare. Firstly, you should select which type of lamp suits your requirement; the fluorescent type which gives a greenish effect or a LED type which gives a pinkish effect. Secondly, you should check the light parameters i.e. whether the device comes with a dimmer and a color temperature function to control the light output. Lastly, you can consider its design and the accessories it includes a camera mount, stand etc.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best ring flash depends on a photographer’s preference. Here is a guideline which can help you in this regard:

  • Diva Ring Light Super Nova with Stand and Diffusion cloth – The fluorescent lamp will let you capture amazing pictures by minimizing the shadow effect. The dimmable function allows adjusting the light. It comes with a tripod Z bracket to mount the camera during the photo shoot. The flexible gooseneck lets you bend the ring light as per your requirement.
  • Prismatic Halo Ring Light with Diffusion plate – This light-weight ring light is adjustable and versatile. It comes with a tilting mount which proves to be useful when you need to direct the light at a particular angle. You can even use its even lighting while applying makeup. It comes with a camera mount and a diffusion plate. The storage case lets you securely store the device.
  • Newer Dimmable Photo Studio Ring Flash Light – This ring light is ideal for portrait photography. It allows you to experiment with the type of lighting you require. It includes two filters, one orange, and one white. The orange one adds warmth while the white one serves as a diffuser. Its flexible arm along with a telescopic stand assures that you don’t need anything else to capture that perfect shot.
  • LimoStudio Ring Flash Light with Diffusion plate – This flash ring is perfect for macro shots. It is a LED light that comprises of 240 LED bulbs. The LED bulbs ensure that the ring consumes low energy and is highly durable. It comes with a camera mount, diffuser plates, carrying case and a stand.
  • FalconEyes Dual Color LED Ring Light – This is one of the best devices that includes the color temperature adjustment function. Even this one is a LED light ring which comprises of 300 bulbs. It comes with an L-bracket for camera mounting, in-ear headphone, and cloth diffuser.

So, get one of these ring lights today and be an expert in clicking those professional eye-catching photos.