Ways to Track Location History of the Phone

With the emergence of a smartphone, tracking of the phone is very simple. Most people keep the areaon, and the data is shared with all the third party apps. Applications like Foursquare, Google Maps, require your location to be on, in order to use them. These navigation apps are aiding in creating a history of your location and making it easy to track, in case you lose your phone or wish to know what places you have visited.

Use the Google Maps Timeline

One of the most recommended and used application is the Google timeline. Before it was called the Location History Tool. Google has now changed its name to Your Timeline. It helps you quickly remember the places that you have visited in your past. It creates a phone location history as you go and also points to the exact place you visit. It also shows the images of that location. It also tracks your travels in terms of your mode of transportation. If you have taken the subway or the plane, Google Timeline has ways to track that as well through your phone.

How it works

In order to keep a phone location history, it is necessary that you allow it. Click on the Google Location History Timeline in your Google Maps and check if your location is on or not. There is a small target like a symbol, by clicking it you can turn the location on. Swiping left, you will find Your Timeline and the history will be shown. The locationsare categorized into dates along with time. You also have the preference to delete yourphone location history of any specificdate.

Step-by-step ways to track your phone

1. Install Android remotely – use your browser on your personal computer to install Android Play Store. Log into your Gmail account which you used to access your play store on your phone.
2. Activate Android Lost
3. Log in to the Android Lost Website. The following are the features that you can use.
● Read the latest SMS of your phone
● Play an alarm in case your phone is misplaced
● Get the location directly
● Lock and unlock
● Erase the SD card details
● Take images of rear and front view of the phone

Useful Features of Google Location Tracker

Another interesting way that one can reach your phone location history is via social media. You can also use Gmail to track your phone location:
● Go to Gmail
● Details → Last account activity (one the right bottom of Gmail page)
Twitter is another platform that tracks your location
● Go to your Twitter account
● Settings→ Your Twitter Data
● Click on Login History → Enter your password


The lost phone tracking is one way to know about your location history as well as help you to track your phone in case you lose it. There areseveral software that are available in the market. The above given are just a few examples or ways you can track your phone location.