May 27, 2022


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Why professional installation of air conditioning cannot be cheap?

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Installation of air conditioning systems is a complex of the most complex works, the purpose of which is to ensure the effective functioning of these systems. Unqualified installation will lead to unplanned costs in the near future. Damaged repairs, refrigerant leaks, short circuits and inefficient energy consumption are not the whole list of possible consequences. Equipment failure is also not uncommon, requiring a significant financial outlay.

Professional installation of air conditioning systems involves:

laying freon lines;
drilling holes and grouting;
installation of indoor and outdoor units, often with the help of industrial climbers;
organization of condensate drainage system;
electrical work;
evacuating the system and checking for leaks;
Commissioning and testing the equipment in different modes.

In addition, the cost of installation includes a wide variety of quality, and no other, consumables (copper pipes, brackets, insulation, cables, boxes, adhesive tapes, tapes, drainage hoses, freon) and fasteners (anchors, bolts, dowels, nuts, washers and clamps). For good indoor air quality you will need air duct cleaning in Orange County and dryer vent service.  Professional tools and equipment should be used for installation. In order to ensure continuous and trouble-free operation of air-conditioners expensive vacuum pumps, pressure gauge stations to detect possible freon leakage, special rolling, pipe-bending and many other appliances are used which are very expensive.

Standard installation of air conditioners

The list of standard work includes:

one hole in the outer wall (wall thickness up to 95 cm) for the conclusion of communications to the outdoor unit;
installation of the outdoor unit on brackets under the window (without the use of climbers);
up to 5 m of inter-unit routing (insulated freon pipes, electrical wires), drainage hose 3 m;
up to 1 m closing box;
communications from the indoor unit to the hole in the outer wall are closed with a decorative box or placed in a stroked joint, if the installation is made during the repair of the room;
connection of the power supply to the customer’s existing prepared power supply point;
sealing the hole;
Commissioning works, system operability testing, system commissioning to the customer.

Installation process

Inner block of split-system is placed on the wall, and outer block is usually located under the window. If there is no direct access from the window, it is necessary to use the services of professional climbers. Mounting with the help of climbers is a service that we provide for an extra charge. Standard installation implies that the distance between the indoor and outdoor units does not exceed five meters, and the angle of inclination of the inter-unit route from the indoor unit should be from three to five degrees. Otherwise the drainage outlet is solved by engineering methods with the use of additional drainage pumps. Such installation is defined already at the stage of measuring and marking of drainage routes. The measurer necessarily puts the customer, as it affects the final cost of the installation.

External wall should not exceed 90 cm, there is drilled a hole with necessary diameter for interblock line, in which power line, drainage and freon pipes will be located. If the wall is thicker then these works are performed for extra charge with the help of climber. As a rule, the drainage pipe is lead out from the wall at a distance of ten-fifteen centimeters, but there can be other options, such as drainage outlet to the sewer. After all the stages of installation, the most important and extremely necessary work is the vacuumization, test run and test the entire system as a whole for different modes of operation (heating, cooling).

The work of experienced professionals licenced in BBB, equipment and consumables are three factors that affect the pricing of the installation. Therefore, the professional installation of air conditioners can not be cheap a priori.

If you want the cost of work to pay off very quickly, minimize costs for unscheduled maintenance and repairs, contact the professionals. 


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