January 22, 2022


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Which proxy server to choose

Which proxy server to choose

In order for the result of working with a proxy server to be optimal, you need to choose a server with a suitable geographic location for this situation, and with a wide channel. There are both paid and free proxy servers, and it goes without saying that both types have both advantages and disadvantages.

At the moment, in order to provide an acceptable level of protection against online fraudsters, it is worth using proxy servers.

The disadvantages include: – incomplete anonymity: if the need arises, the user can always be found; – it is difficult, if necessary, to switch between a number of proxy servers without paying a fee for several of them at once; Well, in principle, a paid resource in the presence of free analogs is an additional cost. Advantages of paid proxy servers: – the ability to choose a completely suitable option, for example – buy a proxy server at proxy-seller; – the server is stable and constantly working. If we consider the advantages of free servers, the following can be distinguished: – the very fact of free use; – during operation, you can easily switch from one server to another, using a whole row if necessary; – characteristics of free servers are not worse than paid ones; – Tracking users of a free proxy server is much more difficult; – the ability to build a chain of servers; Disadvantages of free servers: – not always sufficient speed and quality of work; – not all servers are anonymous. There are several types of proxy servers:

The so-called “Transparent” – non-anonymous servers that report that they are exactly a proxy and issue the client’s IP address. Anonymous proxy servers do not report the IP address, but nevertheless they warn that the work is carried out precisely through the proxy.

Spoofing servers – Tell the web server a bogus IP.

Anonymizers – CGI proxy, are a program similar to a standard search engine, but instead of text values, you need to enter the URL of the required site into the search box. With the help of anonymizers, you can view a large number of Internet resources, while remaining completely anonymous.

Proxy servers can be divided into open and closed. Any user can access open ones. In order to gain access to a private proxy server, a number of conditions must be met.

Open proxies can be anonymous ones that hide your real IP addresses and allow you to browse the network anonymously. Regular proxy servers are not designed to maintain anonymity and provide all user credentials in full.

Additional aspects

Recently, the majority of citizens choose proxies from trusted providers. This is due to the fact that, if necessary, professionals will be able to quickly make the setting. For this, the basic requirements will be taken into account.

If at a certain stage certain difficulties arise, you can always contact technical support. To do this, you can use the special contacts that are presented on the official portal.

By giving preference to proxies from trusted provider, you can get at your disposal a quality product that can be used for a long time.