September 20, 2020


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VOIP Technology is increasingly sophisticated

Voice over Internet Protocol (also called VoIP, IP Telephony, Internet telephony or Digital Phone) is a technology that enables voice conversations over long distances through internet media. Voice data is converted into digital code and transmitted over a network that sends data packets, rather than through a regular analog telephone circuitry.

The definition of VoIP is the voice that is sent over the internet protocol (IP).
On a conventional voice telephone network the phone is directly connected to the PABX (Privat Automated Branch exchange) or STO (Sentral Telepon Otomat) nearby. In this STO there is a list of phone numbers arranged in stages in accordance with the coverage area. How to make a free call via my PC to another partner then the pressed telephone keys will inform the location of the destination through DTMF tones, then the network will automatically connect the two points.
The simplest form of a VoIP system is two computers connected to the internet. The basic requirements for establishing a VoIP connection are computers connected to the internet, having a sound card connected to speakers and microphones. With the support of specialized software, both computer users can connect to each other in VoIP connections with each other.
The form of the relationship can be in the form of exchange of files, sounds, images. The main emphasis for VoIP is the relationship between the two in the form of sound. If both locations are connected to a considerable distance (inter-city, between countries) then it can be seen in terms of cost advantages. Both parties just pay enough internet credits only, which will usually be cheaper than the cost of long-distance or international long-distance telephone credits.