May 26, 2022


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Responsive web design is a page design that provides a convenient and correct presentation of the site for the user among the web technologies of 2020. A responsive website is automatically sized for the browser window. The main goal is the versatility of website presentation. Site responsiveness is a solution to a number of tasks at the same time, both for the user and the site owner. The responsiveness of the site simultaneously performs a number of functions such as:

– Ease of use of the website.

– Increase profits for site owners.

– Website promotion.

– The growth of the target audience.

To test this web development in 2020, you need to open the page, and try to reduce it in height and width. If the blocks are rearranged for resolution and there is no horizontal scrolling of the page, then the site is adaptive.

Neural networks

Artificial Neural Networks is the 2020 web development. A program that actively implements the neural structures of the human brain. In a simple form, ANNs mimic the behavior of brain cells. For example, the spam filter of your email: incoming information can be represented by a to-do list, which are usually found in spam messages, and the original information by a classification for push notifications (determining the presence of spam). The main thing is to choose a professional software development vendor.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

SPA development is gaining popularity using javascript most often. There is nothing to be surprised at, because SPA works perfectly on all devices and demonstrates high productivity and development speed. Most developers consider SPA applications to be popular. Analyzing the 2019 web technologies, we can conclude that in 2020, the number of SPA will grow. Since most users are increasingly using mobile gadgets.


Artificial intelligence has allowed chatbots to gain incredible popularity since 2017. Having earned considerable success among the 2019 web development, he does not lose his relevance. We all know the fact that Facebook chatbots entered into a dialogue among themselves and invented their own personal language. This extraordinary story confirms that we are gradually entering an age of new transformations.

Progressive Web Applications

The list of web technologies in 2020 is represented by progressive web applications. Progressive Web Apps was introduced by Google in 2015. The following year, large sites began to use this application format. PWAs are an excellent alternative to mobile applications that are losing their attractiveness due to the glut of the web industry market.

Attract attention to your site can video graphics, which is, albeit an old, but relevant trend of our time. Analyzing the statistics, you can see that:

– 95% of managers say that the idea of ​​the project is clear to viewers after watching the video;

– 95% of users study video to get to know the product in more detail;

– 85% of managers are sure that the increase in traffic occurred after adding video files to the site.

– 80% say that the desire to purchase goods appeared just after watching the video;

– 70% prefer studying something using video content rather than textual information;

Video content is an effective lever among the list of web trends 2019-2020, but you should know that before you put it on the site, you must meet the following requirements:

– Duration no more than 3-5 minutes.

– Matching page.

– Lightness and simple meaning.

– Minimum feed.

Source – WebSailors

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