November 30, 2020


Epicurean computer & technology

The benefits or impact of computer technology

In this season I want to share advantage and disadvantage for computer technology, ok hope you interest to read it.

Positive impact :

1) can increase knowledge of various things that we can not get from television, magazines or books

2) computer technology makes it easy for users to find even the smallest information that can not be reached by the book or take a long time. By using the computer we want we can get quickly. To increase positive impact of computer technology I recommended you to see Under Desk Computer Mount.

3) can facilitate users to establish communication with friends far and also can deliver a fast and practical news without having to wait several days.

4) With computer technology, we can find news updates every day. So anyone can access the news quickly.

5) can help users to establish long-distance communications.

6) The computer tends to isolate. Learning through machine intermediaries (computers, videos, TVs, floppy and so on) can facilitate cognitive knowledge for learners. The lessons learned through the machine have isolated learners / social educators, because one only interacts with machines that clearly have no feelings. Interacting / using mechanical machines leads to a decrease in the social skill that a person possesses.

Negative impact:

1) Can be misused by its users for things that are not appropriate.

2) Can be a place to get indecent images.

3) Can make a user become addicted to computer technology.

4) Can cause unwanted things such as blackmail and forgery identity.

Not all people can use the computer there are still many school children who can not use the computer, especially for those who live in the countryside Not only students, but many teachers are also found that have not been competent in the use of technological sophistication. This is due to the assumption that the use of computers in education is not important and not useful much. This is one result of the lack of socialization to the community especially teachers and students that computers and the Internet has become a necessity in implementing education.