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The Function of a Paint Thickness Gauge and How to Keep It

You must know that measuring the paint’s thickness using the paint thickness gauge in any painting project is necessary. When you know the paint’s thickness, you can ensure that quality of the product and also process control as well as manage your budget.

You have to understand that there are plenty of gauge types that you will be able to find out there and also other tools that you will be able to use to know the factors and render the painting project successfully but a very important thing to have is the paint thickness gauge. Such can properly and also quantifiably evaluate the condition of the car according to the thickness of the paint.

The car may look brand new and this can also look exceptional when viewed at a certain angle despite past accidents. However, by using the paint thickness gauge, you will be able to know if the car has gone through intense refurbishing prior to being proclaimed brand new by the car dealer.
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For the manufacturers of the car, the gauges can be advantageous to achieve quality control for the client’s satisfaction. Measuring the paint coating’s depth won’t damage the paint of the car. Some manufacturers are going to use magnets for cars with steel backing and the others are making use of electrical currents for the plastics and fiberglass.
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The paint thickness gauges which utilize magnets are quite easy to use and they are also more affordable. Know that the magnetic gauges are quite handy and they are going to analyze the thickness of the paint based on the pull-off force. You should know that the thick paints have less magnetic reaction and the thin coating comes with stronger reaction.

For those gauges which use electronic gadget, you should know that the change in the magnetic flux density at the probe’s surface is measured at once when this would get close to the steel surface. Measurement of the magnetic flux density is going to determine the thickness of the paint coating in a particular object.

The paint thickness of non-metal surfaces is used with the paint thickness gauges through using pulse-echo technique in which the device sends electrical signal through the coating which would then be analyzed to know the thickness. In the factories, the paint heaviness gauge may be beneficial in achieving high quality for the satisfaction of the client.

In order to maintain the gauge’s effectiveness as well as other tools, then you have to store them in the secure cases if it is not in use because they are fully calibrated. You must recalibrate the device regularly. So that you will be able to take advantage of this tool for a long time, then you must take care of this.

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