September 17, 2021


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Tech Business Initiative – How even a tech naive can start a tech business!

A tech business – one of the most aspiring idea and a norm in today’s world. The likes of tech geeks including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma and other have inspired millions of young graduates willing to embark upon a similar journey towards success and growth. Now the problem is, not all of us are real tech geeks as some of the people mentioned above.

Many young and passionate the entrepreneurs don’t find enough courage or technical support to initiate a tech start-up. Most of the time they end up looking for one real tech geek partner who they can rely upon for meteoric rise of the business. Not finding one, make them let go of the initiative utterly.

Are you one of those young, passionate entrepreneur willing to start a tech initiative? Well, you don’t actually need a geek or tech-savvy skills to resurrect your dream start-up. Continue to read on as we list some crucial aspects apart from tech expertise needed to start your next tech start-up.


Before you go online complete your offline aspects:

Don’t know anything about business website design? Well, before you get frustrated with overanalysing the online aspects of business, how about doing the offline work?

Knowing nothing about web design and development or writing an algorithm is absolutely fine unless you are passionate enough to carry-on with the offline work. Simply put aside all the online aspects of business initially and start completing the offline aspects.

More than anything, you need to connect with your target audience. Start looking for loopholes in existing businesses and discover new aspects where customers are being underserved by businesses. Go interviewing with potential customers and ask them about limitations in current services. Look for the customer feedbacks for different market segments and build your core business principal around the current limitations of customers.

I personally know one Starlinks web design Auckland business in NZ, which was founded by owners who didn’t have even the basic coding, designing or development skills. What they had was the zeal and passion to grow and get in touch with potential customers and rest in history.

Remember, these loopholes will serve as your gateway to business growth and success. These will be your opportunity gateways from where you can lead your business towards glory and success. Start philosophizing about ideas you think can carry the weight of your new start-up (the ten-minute philosophizing of start-up ideas worth more than most business aspect).

Outsourcing isn’t such a bad idea

Building a business from scratch (here we are talking about any business not necessarily just a tech start-up) is all about covering different phases. Believe me, not many start-ups (now a full grown business venture) had the initial management and technical expertise to cope with the technical architecture of the business. So, while you can get along covering the offline aspects of business, hire some reputable outsourcing business to handle the online puzzle. This is actually more viable approach provided you don’t possess tech expertise with yourself. It is time and cost saving mode of business development in early stages.

That being said, you don’t want to rely on those external sources for too long. Outsourcing works perfectly fine in early stages of business, however, once you get going; start investing in building in-house expertise to handle business requirements.

Don’t limit yourself

What’s the secret recipe for success for the tech geeks we all know? Whether it is Microsoft, Tesla, eBay, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, or any other tech business you follow, one thing these have in common is diversification.

The best part of any tech business is the limitless opportunities to grow and expand across the canvas. Innovate and evolve your services to serve customers from all segments. Don’t box yourself with core functionalities but look out for new fields where you can expand your horizons, this will be your ultimate strategy to survive in a cut-throat competition in tech business industry.

Wrapping Up:

So, even when you think you lack basic skills to jump into the tech business, you can actually make an impact. Tech businesses aren’t just for tech geeks, rather anyone who is willing to look out for loopholes in existing technology and make a breakthrough invention in the field. You can always build your in-house expertise at a later stage and simple start-off by outsourcing the technical aspects, provided you have completed your offline work comprehensively.