March 8, 2021


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Successful Marketing Plan: This is how HVAC Marketing Firm is Making Waves Nationally

When your heating, ventilation, and air condition company relies on recommendations or a simple page listing to generate new leads for your business, you will miss out on great opportunities to grow and expand your company. Phone book listings don’t have that kind of influence in the marketing industry, and can no longer convince potential clients to just like it used to before, especially with the increased percentage of consumers who are searching for products and services online.

Excellent heating, ventilation and air condition marketing plan that will target potential clients can help increase your company’s leads and help improve your brand’s identity, giving better publicity to your product or services. In this article, we will discuss some key marketing elements that most HVAC marketing firm are suggesting to help you develop your heating, ventilation and air conditioning marketing strategy.

What is HVAC marketing strategy?

HVAC marketing strategy is a year-round, comprehensive advertising or marketing strategy for your HVAC services and business. If you are doing an on-the-fly marketing strategy or no advertising plan at all, there is a big chance that you are just wasting your time, effort and money.

Adequate heating, ventilation, and air condition marketing plan take into consideration the need of every customer, the seasonality, various advertising mediums, as well as the cost of marketing. Your program should include establishing goals. Marketing strategies can be laid out and adequately executed every month or even quarterly.

The main advantage of creating a marketing strategy is to prepare as well as plan your company’s success. Imagine this scenario: In August, your city experiences a severe heat wave. When you are in heating, ventilation and air condition industry, it is comparable to having a broken air conditioning unit that need immediate repair.

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If your business is not prepared for the situation and the demand for HVAC services increases, you will have to pay a premium account to get your business name advertised. Now, imagine that your business had implemented a marketing strategy before August that includes marketing your services in local papers, sending out emails with repair promotions and establish online listings that consumers can find easily.

You need to put a marketing strategy in place beforehand so that there is less need for scrambling, the cost can be negotiated and the heating, ventilation and air condition business can focus its efforts on providing excellent and useful service to the clients.

How to develop an effective marketing strategy?

Putting a compelling and actionable HVAC marketing strategy into action will require a lot of research as well as a dedicated budget. To start off, you need to evaluate all kinds of advertising platforms and what will best suit your market and your business in general.

The most traditional advertising platforms in the industry are newspaper advertisements, postcards, social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, company website and local online business listings like Yelp, Google My Business, Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor. You have to determine how your business can reach a lot of people in your target market for the least amount of money spends.

To know what will work best for your business, you can start by asking the people you know for any advertising opportunities, membership numbers or request readership from different publications to maximize the exposure that your business can receive.

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Seasonality in the heating, ventilation and air condition industry

When you are developing a marketing strategy, you need to evaluate the seasonality of the industry. Usually, HVAC companies see a burst in service requests when there is a drastic change in weather. Using previous weather information, determine the months where the change in the weather occurs and plan ahead of time.


If winter brings an influx of fireplace repair requests, you need to consider promoting your services before the start of the change in weather. During the spring, you can offer free estimates on custom maintenance and new system plans. You can offer discounted services during periods when the weather stays temperate and static.

Sometimes, promoting a product or services concerning a new season can give potential clients to think about heating, ventilation and air condition services that they might need.

Taking your precious time to assess your HVAC marketing strategy can help you prepare for any issues in the future and avoid wasting your time, effort and money with strategies that are not effective. By testing different marketing techniques and evaluating how effective it is for your business, you can stay ahead of your competition and continually grow your HVAC firm’s success.