January 25, 2022


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International SIM Cards vs. Local SIM Cards

If you are more likely to travel internationally then, you should steer clear from using your local SIM card at your destination country. A majority of the passengers tend to activate roaming services on their cellular networks, and it results in them paying an exorbitant amount of bill at the end of the month. On the other hand, if you land in an international destination, and you will be required to find a local SIM provider to be able to contact your loved ones, and it could be hassle to get a SIM on a short instance. It is always best recommended to get an international SIM to save yourself from the hassle of paying excessive bills or find a SIM. You can also insert the global SIM into your pocket Wi-Fi Japan to access internet anywhere across the world.

The following section compares international SIM card vs. local SIM card in details:

Local SIM Cards

If you are travelling to a foreign country then, using a local SIM card is your last resort. However, you are required to complete a tedious process for acquiring the SIM and then, you are supposed to wait for several hours for the activation process to get done. It may require you to have a proof of residency to be able to purchase a SIM. The following are the cons of buying a local SIM card:

  • If someone is expecting you to call them as soon as you arrive- they would also be required to pay for receiving your call, and it would be expensive for them.
  • If you are not familiar with the language or shops then, it could be a trouble for you to find a local SIM card on your arrival.
  • If you are visiting someone on your arrival then, you might have to wait to get a local SIM card to be able to contact them, and it is not an optimal solution in any ways.
  • If you are travelling to several countries then, you might end up collecting various SIM cards, and it could clutter your wallet.

International SIM Cards

The introduction of international SIM cards is a relief for frequent travellers. It enables them to communicate with anyone from any part of the world. A global SIM is programmed as per the bilateral agreements to work in different geographical locations of the world. If you are planning to move to another country for extended time periods then, it is recommended to get the local SIM for communication purposes. However, if you are travelling from one country to another country then, you should keep an international SIM in your wallet for enabling communication in any part of the world. The following are the pros of using an international SIM:

  • International SIM cards are programmed to receive free calls. It saves your recipient from paying extra charges for attending your call, as compared to the local SIM card.
  • International SIM is corroborated to work in a selected number of international countries, and it saves you from the hassle of buying multiple SIMs for your trip.
  • You can manage your accounts and billings online, so you do not have to worry about any language barriers in foreign countries.
  • You are allowed to call, text, and use data at a nominal rate.
  • You can insert the SIM into portable Wi-Fi for using internet anywhere in the world.