March 8, 2021


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Pastor Chris Oyakhilone and His Amazing Zimbabwq Event

A Brief History About Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Born on December 7, 1961 in Edo Nigeria, Chris Oyakhilome was the oldest son in the family. Getting his start through a prayer group featuring pastor Chris Oyakhilome Founding the “Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated”, now has over millions of faithful followers. Which became so successful that there are numerous congregations worldwide. Whose official headquarters are located in Lagos, Nigeria. In 1995 Oyakhilome published his first book called “Recreating Your World”. This inspirational book is about taking a look at ones current life situations and surroundings, in order to create a positive change their lives. Later in 2003 he established three television channels which feature twenty-four hours of Christian programming in Africa. Reaching out across the world pastor Chris shares the word of God with his faithful followers. Christ Embassy has a publishing firm dedicated in his honor called “LoveWorld Publishing Ministry”. Producing a wide variety of Christian literature based on faith, prayer, health, and numerous other topics. who also offer daily devotionals and guidebooks for those wanting an in-depth study of the Bible.

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Further Information on Pastor Chris.

Chris Oyakhilome is truly an incredible man of God, serving now for over thirty years. Driven by his love of people and touching their lives in incredible ways.

Such As:

* Spreading the word of God

* Healing others

* Teaching people how to reach a higher life

* Helps those in need

* Has many valuable resources for those seeking a relationship with Jesus Christ

* Offering informational videos on his website

* Holding conferences and seminars throughout the year

Pastor Chris is the most loving person to be found, everyone should follow his example. Devoting most of his time spreading the word of God throughout Africa. Another amazing trait about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is his ability of healing others. Sending that loving energy to the persons core, performing true miracles. Chris has a true talent for teaching and helps them to reach a higher form of life. Helping those in need, he has an outreach for intercity children who are less fortunate and living in poverty. Mr. Oyakhilome is a true humanitarian with a heart of gold. On his website there are various helpful resources in which people can use for developing a relationship with Christ. For instance there is numerous books and audio visuals available to order online. Followers can also view informational videos of Chris giving in-depth lectures. Throughout the year he travels to various areas of Africa enriching people about God with seminars and conferences he holds. One up coming occasion of extreme importance is called “The Zimbabwe Event”. With hundreds of thousands already signed up and registered for this event.

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The Zimbabwe Event.

Chris Oyakhilome will be giving one of his award winning speeches in Zimbabwe. It is truly a spectacular event to attend, which includes the “Worship and Communion Miracle Service”. Presenting a special message about God to those attending, spreading love and prayers throughout Zimbabwe. Held at the National Sports Stadium featuring many famous Christian singers, one of which is Flem B. Bringing the power of God to light, impacting faithful followers tremendously. Leaving with a renewed strength they never realized possible. Giving people a sense of peace and tranquility. This is one event that is beyond any other, everyone attending leaves a different person.