October 28, 2020


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Page 3 tuning to Instagram!!

The millennials have been the generation that has seen it all. Not only have they followed the fashion trends by researching the whole of Page 3 world but we have also seen the fashion Industry move from just Page 3 to Instagram. And with this migration came into the picture, the war of Digital Marketing and the race to buy Instagram likes.

Here are some trends that will bring about a change and will be the trendsetters in the near and possibly also in the future that is far away.

  1. Brands to get consumer-centric!
  2. More power to luxury fashion!
  3. The Dominance of Social Media Influencers
  4. Content marketing is a must
  5. Instagram is home ground!
  6. Men’s online fashion to keep growing!


  1. Brands to get Consumer-Centric:

Brands have moved out of the mindset that people will come to them even if they do not do anything. With changing times even brands have realized that if they want people to remember them they will have to move closer to their audience and so there seem to be a wave of trends that would help brands move closer to their audience, interact and connect with them. They might also collaborate with local sellers to enter the easily accessible local fashion market.

  1. More power to Luxury Fashion

There was a time when luxury brands did not advertise and did not take it to the online market to retain their “exclusiveness”. However, with changing times, they have realized that the best way to retain their luxurious standpoint they will have to enter a new place. Hence they are now stepping into the digital world and plan marketing with the help of influencers. Now, will they be able to find a way out of still maintaining their exclusiveness remains to be seen!

  1. The dominance of Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers is a different concept altogether. Although it would be easy for real-world stars to become influencers too the online world holds no prejudice against anything. It is a home ground of anyone and everyone who has the power to captivate the audience. Also with the recent changing trends, social media followers will get chances of associating themselves with big names.

  1. Content Marketing is a Must

Marketing the substance is a vital part of each digital marketing arrangement. Moreover, the design business is good to go to utilize substance to influence clients. Be it articles, web journals, official statement or internet-based life posts, dealers are wanting to pick rumoured content marketing organizations to be their correct turn in encouraging design business marketing.

  1. Instagram is Home Ground

Instagram has become the second name of Digital marketing these days. When it comes to marketing, of any other options that anyone could think of Instagram is one undebated option that everyone agrees with. With as many as 7Billion and still counting active users every day, there is no better place then Instagram if only you can use it to its complete potential.

  1. Men’s Online Fashion on the rise

There was a time when fashion meant women and men were that part of the society that would pick up bags. But now with the changing times and equality creeping in in every sector of the market how can the fashion industry stay behind? with more brands underwriting the idea of grasping defective magnificence, the digital style battles are required to get innovatively disputable. Be that as it may, what’s irrefutable is, the year is promising an ascent for the digital style industry.