April 11, 2021


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Interesting Research on Data – What You Didn’t Know

Data Storage Vendors to Pay Attention To When you’re looking for a data storage vendor it makes sense to look at the many options that there are to decide which one is going to be the best option. Here are some data storage vendors to learn about. You probably already know Hewlett Packard for it’s ink (or have some in yor home or business right now), but the company is also one to watch for data storage vendors. It has a top spot in the worldwide server market which means that they have a quarter of the server sales out there. These days more storage is happening on servers than on hardware, which is where HP got a headstart. Microsoft is another company that still has a major foot in the industry even through they’re not quite as big as they used to be in some ways. Being trustworthy means that Microsoft has no problem attracting customers over time, and they will probably continue to increase their data storage options just to grow even more.
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You might not think of Amazon when you think of data storage vendors, but that could be a good thing since they have to make a big effort to make sure you realize what they have to offer. Amazon offers a lot of low cost storage if you’re willing to go outside of the traditional computer company sphere and trust them.
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Nutanix is a newer company that went public last year after a longer corporate status. Nutanix is considering turning into a private cloud platform vendor to simplify things. NetApp is one of the bigger data storage vendors out there, but they’ve been laying some people off recently which means they might be doing some restructuring if not making all around size changes to the way they’re running the company. NetApp is one of the storage companies is thought to get bought up one of these days. IBM can appeal to data storage customers who are familiar with the name but also like their many flash options. It’s hard to know which direction they’re headed in at the moment. With IBM you just never know what it is that they will come up with, it could be a slight variation to the way that they do things or it could be a huge restructuring that seems to come out of left field. Either way they are highly trusted since they’ve been around for so long in the world of computers. No matter what you’re looking for in a data storage vendor there will absolutely be one out there that fits a lot of your needs. They’re all different and some are better than others, but you’re never stuck with one if you don’t end up liking it.