January 29, 2022


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How to create a social media marketing plan

The creative phase

To create a effective social media marketing plan, we must pay particular attention to the creative phase, where the actions that we perform, how and where to carry them out and the resources that we need are specified, based on the information It gives us the study phase.

This phase as the previous one consists of different steps, let’s see which are one by one:

How to create a social media marketing plan – By Social-Booom

Step 1: Definition of objectives (SMART)

The study phase gives us sufficient information to establish the objectives that must be achieved to be successful with our social media marketing plan.

The objectives vary depending on the type of activity and why the company wants to be in social networks, such as the increase in sales, acquiring new customers, the loyalty of customers acquired, branding, etc.

These objectives can be defined through a methodology called SMART, word composed of the initials Specific, Meable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound, which allows us to obtain clear, measurable and quantifiable goals.

Step 2: strategic planning and tactical plan

Once we clear what the goals we want to achieve with the social media marketing plan, the next step is to define in detail what strategies will use and where will act.

The strategies vary widely, from the Attraction Marketing to publicize the brand, the inbound marketing to increase sales, improve marketing content for online reputation, the engagement for customer loyalty, paid advertising for the launch events or promotions, etc.

Step 3: Communication

We must identify clearly what our target audience and their characteristics in order to set the language to use, set the tone of communications, content to be used, the message we want to convey, all with the purpose of keeping active communities at our social networks.

At the same time it is necessary to identify what language we should not use and what could have a negative impact on our audience creating difficult situations to handle.

We must also identify key words or phrases that can attract to our website and social platforms persons who might be interested in our products or services for use in articles or news that we are publishing.

Step 4: Crisis management

It is essential to prepare a protocol that allows us to react in time and always respond the same way to the comments which can compromise the image and credibility of our company or brand.

Step 5: Establish KPIs

KPIs or key performance indicators, provide data that allow us to quantify the performance of our strategies to achieve the objectives, assess whether we are doing things well and improve the actions we are undertaking.

Through these metrics we can monitor and measure the activity that is taking place on social platforms where we operate, to obtain information concerning our target audience, the positioning of our brand, the percent conversion and loyalty of our potential customers, generating new visitors to our website, etc.

Step 6 Social Media Tools for the management and measurement

There are many tools both free and paid to help us simplify and streamline tasks in social networks; we must know how to choose correctly what are the most appropriate for our social media marketing plan.

These tools allow us to manage in one place the various social platforms saving us the trouble to do manually on each account, enable us to follow up our work schedule publication of content, analyze the results, etc.

Step 7: human and material resources

A crucial step at this point is to define what resources need to carry out the social media marketing plan, what types of social network use, if we need blogs, auto answer, capture pages, audio files, photos, graphics or videos, platforms paid advertising.

We must also define the human resources needed to implement the social media marketing plan to manage networks, creating the content, design the graphics, programming the web, etc.

Step 8: Cost, time and results of the plan

The last step of the creative phase is to calculate the cost and time required to carry out the social media marketing plan.
The cost can vary greatly from a company that has presence in social media with which we must start from scratch, with another that is already implementing a basic social media marketing plan and have the work partially done.

The factors to consider when calculating the costs are essentially four: the initial consultation. Planning social media marketing plan strategies, human resources management and social tools needed to implement the plan.

With respect to time we refer to the period between the initial procurement and implementation of social media marketing plan, taking into account the hours needed to carry out the investigation, the configuration of the social platforms, content creation necessary for the publication on social networks, etc.

The results are defined based on the objectives and implementation time of social media marketing plan, thus being able to establish that we will obtain with social media marketing plan and how long.

This lesson is an introduction to the creative phase of how to create a social media marketing plan, during the course I will explain in detail each step and how to do this.