January 29, 2022


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How to choose a proxy

How to choose a proxy and what to look for

Using the Internet with visiting various resources, including those with limited access, can be done using a proxy server. Paid and free resources make connection to sites anonymous, regardless of the location of the end user. This approach allows you to avoid frequent blocking of the user’s IP address, bypass the numerous bans of website owners, and actively promote their own groups in popular instant messengers.

Proxy server – what is it

Choosing a proxy for many network users is a standard task, especially if you have already had to deal with blockages and restrictions. Functionally, a proxy server is a buffer through which the Internet is accessed. Depending on the quality of the service offered, the speed of loading pages and content may vary. The ideal option is to have your own anonymous Proxy.

Online proxy servers can be paid or free. The first option is preferable, since the user gets high speed Internet access and anonymity of his IP address for money. In the second case, a number of restrictions arise. In order to choose a high-quality, efficient resource, you will have to check several popular services. Both types of buffers for network access are in demand. The choice of a proxy provider depends on the personal requirements, preferences and capabilities of the client.

Proxy assignment

The use of a proxy server is relevant for private clients and organizations promoting their resources on the network, downloading large amounts of information. The standard options for renting a Proxy are:

  • promotion of your own Internet pages on social networks and groups in messengers is best done using a proxy that is physically located in a country with
  • open access to the resource;efficient and productive parsing is available by choosing a Proxy that is optimized for the job. Often, professional parsing users use several proxy servers
  • with different IP addresses at the same time;renting a proxy that supports SOCKS5 is suitable for clients who make money on online games. The presence of simultaneous access from an
  • anonymous IP to the engine and the game server will help to achieve the set goals;the choice of proxy is relevant for the constant use of message boards. On such resources as Avito and Yula, it becomes possible to create a number of
  • accounts and publish commercial ads;
  • making money in online casinos is also better using paid proxy services with high network access speed and bandwidth.

These options are not the only ones when the use of such resources will be optimal. Private users and companies connect to Proxy, the network offers free, paid and limited paid proxies.

Advantages and disadvantages of free proxies

Using a free proxy server is the best option at the initial stage if the user does not yet know whether he will be using the service all the time. The features of this approach are:

  • anonymous IP-address is provided free of charge, there are no requirements for the terms and amounts of subscription fees;
  • provides access to Internet resources and sites on which the user’s account has already been blocked or restricted in access;
  • it is possible, if necessary, to change the IP, painlessly refuse the service and switch to another Proxy;
  • the main disadvantage is a significant limitation of the access speed, it is quite difficult to find a resource with suitable performance parameters;
  • very often on free resources, all users are completely blocked due to unfair actions of one or several proxy clients;
  • users periodically find themselves in situations where the proxy server stops working and becomes unavailable. There is no one to make claims for free resources.

To work with free services, you must have an up-to-date list of resources suitable for their characteristics. This approach allows you to quickly and relatively painlessly select a new proxy server if you have any problems with the old resource.

Advantages of paid proxies

For users who need high-quality, high-speed access to the network with the provision of a private IP address, using a paid proxy is the best option. The rental price depends on the specific resource and is available for most clients.

By paying for a private proxy, the user can generate a large number of requests without the risk of being blocked, effective promotion of groups in social networks and instant messengers, and work with bots becomes available.

There is no decrease in access speed if you select a high-level proxy server. Online games, sites with limited access, downloading large amounts of content are becoming available. For such opportunities, customers have to pay, availability subscription fee is the main and only disadvantage of private proxy.

You can check the you-proxy.com company, for example, they provide paid proxies.

Features of choosing a proxy

Comparison of free, paid and shareware proxy servers is performed according to several criteria. All options have proven their effectiveness and relevance. The standard parameters for choosing a proxy are:

  • first of all, the need and frequency of using a proxy is assessed. Free services are suitable for individual users, professional work requires the use of paid Proxy;
  • the presence of a money-back function is a plus when choosing a proxy. If the user did not like the services offered during testing, you can request a change of Proxy or return the money spent;
  • the presence of a free trial period also speaks of the seller’s conscientiousness, his confidence in the quality of the services provided;
  • the presence of positive reviews from clients who rented a private IP is also a plus when choosing;
  • it is advisable to pay attention to the rating of the service provider, a high position indicates the demand for a proxy server.