January 25, 2022


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Recent Business App Developments Smartphone – Living in a world that is always turning and keeps changing every time, all must move to follow developments and changes, including in the field of information technology and more specifically mobile devices and smartphones. Once the rapid development makes electronic devices such as smartphones hp and constantly gives a touch of the latest technology like custom Android OS development, to keep up with the news and the latest news, this time we will discuss the article on smartphone, which is entitled “to know the latest smartphone developments”.

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In order not to wonder, let’s discuss what technology seeded smarthpone products in the era of modern all at this time, following the latest smartphone technology:

Pop-up Play

The increasing needs of today’s consumers make the electronic world is getting canngih, as tekonolig latest on this one, in general, the smartphone is only able to run applications that are lightweight, but with the high demand for smartphones extend the functionality of pop-up play or phrase that you can open up two applications at the same time as listening to music and typing a chore, these developments make smartphones become more similar to the function of the laptop.

Burst camera

for those of you who enjoyed the world of camera now present the latest technological developments in the smartphone, namely the burst technology. Do you already know what it burst technology? If you do not know we’re looking tau yuk ,! Technology Burst function to take pictures with a high speed, once protetan can produce 20 frames.

Face Recognition

which is a technology that can function sebagia scurity your system, with this technology, you can set a password or account on our smartphones, suppose you want to control who can access and use your smartphone.

Voice Recognition

with this technology we can set up an alert with the name of freedom, teknoligi is more sophisticated because we can order a free command language.

That’s technologies are the latest smartphone for this time, for this article, please stop here yes, maybe we’ll meet in the latest smartphone technology in the future. Thank you for reading, this definitely worthwhile.