October 25, 2020


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3 Reasons Why You Cannot Access Certain Websites

“Error 404”!

“Access Denied”!

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing such messages on your computer screen when you urgently need to check a website or catch up with a latest movie. The web world is bustling with so much information and entertainment and it pinches when you can’t access the virtual space seamlessly. Reasons are galore for website inaccessibility. Sometimes it’s the server issue while at times it’s the geographical restriction on certain online content that causes the inaccessibility.   In some cases, router problems or browser woes spoil the game. But while there are problems there are solutions too.

The post below explains the 3 main reasons why you cannot access certain websites and also offers tips on how to solve them.

  1. The website is blocked by your ISP, government, or network admin

For those uninitiated, at times governments do pose restrictions on streaming of certain web contents on their residents’ IP addresses. For example, Netflix is not available in for residents of every country with internet access. Your ISP or network admin may too deny you access to some particular websites.

Now, if the above-mentioned reason is the main cause behind website inaccessibility from your IP address, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to unblock websites. VPN works somewhat akin to a proxy server where you will be connected to a server in a different country. You can choose the server of a country where the desired website is not restricted. You will be given a new IP address so that you are able to access websites that are otherwise denied for your actual IP address. With VPN, the internet traffic will be directed through a completely encrypted channel so that user’s data packets cannot be inspected, censored or manipulated.

  1. The webpage has a redirect loop problem

You know that a URL stands for the exclusive page address of a certain website. Now, this URL is linked to webmaster tools. In case, webmaster tool linked to your desired URL encounters some sort of crawl issues, it will lead to the menacing “404 error’ which will cause “Error 310”- in simple words, the redirect loop issue.

Now, suppose you have to delete some content which has already been posted on your site & also indexed on Google webmaster & Google engine. If you delete that content, your website will show the Error 310” or redirect loop issue when visitors will visit the URL of that webpage. In that case, you will have to reroute them from previous URL to a new one without informing them a thing about it. But if this new one is broken or even mis-routed due to Google’s webmaster crawl issue, it will get into the cycle of never-ending redirected loop. This particular issue is mostly caused from user’s side or the website’s server end.

To solve too many redirects on your present, you will have to clear your browsing data.

For Chrome users:

  • Go to the Settings section from the Chrome address bar
  • Then, click on Advanced tab located at the bottom part of the page
  • Now, move to “Privacy Section”
  • Look for “Clear browsing data”. Don’t forget to set the time properly as otherwise the entire data would be deleted
  • You should also try to operate from a Google Incognito window

For Firefox users:

  • Click on Menu bar & select “Option”
  • Click on “Privacy” and clear recent history
  • Set proper time range
  • Open the website again from an Incognito window
  1. Firewall or anti-virus blocks

Sometimes, the anti-virus or firewall solution installed in your computer can deny access to certain websites. The software may apprehend security issues with the desired URL and prevent access.

If the website is really urgent, you can disable your firewall for a short span till you are done with the website. After that, you can install it again. Besides, do not install multiple anti-virus solutions in the same computer.

Denied entry to a website you urgently need is not end of the world. There are several ways how you can access a blocked site. Just make sure the way you to resolve the issue is safe and legit.