Marijuana Proven to Relieve Suffering from Epilepsy

Cannabis or Medical Marijuana in Florida medicine proven to relieve suffering from epilepsy or epilepsy, can stop seizures in patients with epilepsy as many as 400 seizures a day. Chief Executive Officer of the Organization of Epilepsy Action Australia Carol Ireland also welcomed the government’s decision the State of New South Wales that will be tested A $ 9 million for Medical Marijuana in Fort Lauderdale Florida . However, he requested immediate halt to proposed changes to the Law on Abuse and Drug Trafficking triggered New South Wales Labor Party.

“There is a good reason to continue the trials of this drug eDocMMJ, because there is sufficient evidence to convince that cannabidiol can stop seizures and has a great effect on the quality of life of people with epilepsy. Indeed, the long-term effects have not been investigated and most of the trials conducted overseas, “said Ireland.

Nevertheless, he wanted to test was done immediately. Because, the earliest evidence for the use of medicinal marijuana in the treatment of an aggressive form of epilepsy evaluated marijuana as a wonder drug. Ireland also said Dravet syndrome, which can cause up to 500 seizures a day, turned out to be effectively treated with cannabidiol. “You can imagine the long-term effects if the seizure of 500 times it happens, coupled with the side effects of traditional treatment of others. Some children who get marijuana-drug treatment free of seizures and it was very difficult to debate with such evidence, “he said.

Ireland revealed, parents and caregivers of patients have marijuana through illegal means and he is worried about the quality of medicinal cannabis they get. Therefore, by allowing for these medical trials, patients with epilepsy will have access to marijuana drug better monitored and safe as well as in environments that are allowed.