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We get started this 7 days with news from Mars, because, let’s experience it, the news from this world isn’t all that much exciting currently. But a few of milestones were arrived at on the Pink Earth, the first being the arrival of Perseverance at the historical river delta it was despatched there to examine. The rover unquestionably took the scenic route to get there, having lined 10.6 km in excess of the very last 424 sols to move to a position only about 3.5 km straight-line distance from the place it landed. Granted, a good deal of that more driving was in support of the unexpectedly profitable Ingenuity demonstration, furthermore taking time for a lot of pit stops alongside the way at intriguing attributes. But the rover is now in place to analyze sedimentary rocks most likely to harbor the fossil continues to be of ancient aquatic everyday living — as opposed to the largely igneous rocks it has studied along the crater floor so significantly. We’re wanting ahead to observing what takes place.

Talking of Ingenuity, the plucky helicopter just retains on undertaking. It just lately finished its 27th flight — of 5 prepared flights, mind you — and spotted the crashed continues to be of the aeroshell and parachute from its breathtaking arrival past February. They glance really the even worse for the put on, but that is to be anticipated. The stunningly large-resolution pics Ingenuity despatched back again will no doubt be pored in excess of by engineers for no matter what clues it retains about how the structure stood up to descent and landing problems. We’re not absolutely sure, but this may well be the 1st time a landing or crash web site has been revisited given that Allan Bean absolutely nailed the Apollo 12 landing to in walking distance of Surveyor 3 in 1969.

“And the Emmy goes to… Comic Sans?” No, not actually, and apologies to everyone induced by the mention of The Font That Shall Not Be Made use of. But this week the 2021 Technological know-how & Engineering Emmy award went to the Entire world Large Net Consortium (W3C) Internet fonts Doing work Group and MPEG together for “standardizing font technology for customized downloadable fonts and typography for web and Tv set gadgets.” To be distinct, the award is not for any particular font, but alternatively the technological achievement of downloadable fonts. Still, it’s simple to poke pleasurable at typography, in particular when font snobs go on about the deserves of this serif or that descender. But people subtle distinctions that most of us believe are meaningless basically play a substantial job in the “feel” of sites. Net fonts have a ton to do with how polished and expert most web-sites glance these days, when compared to some of the atrocities of the World wide web 1. times.

A few of months back, we experienced a PCB Thermal Style Hack Chat in excess of on with Mike Jouppi. It was a wonderful discussion and spawned an fascinating sidebar with attendee Sven about thermal vias. It appears to be like Sven’s software experienced loads for Mike to sink his tooth into, simply because he produced an in-depth online video on the thermal design of this PCB, together with a discussion of what went into acquiring IPC-2152, the normal for PCB trace latest-carrying capability design and style. Many thanks to Mark Hughes of Innovative Assembly for the heads up on this, and for suggesting Mike arrive on the Hack Chat in the to start with put.

And at last, it appears to be like like Lichtenberg patterns are receiving preferred more than enough that it’s vital to alert persons that taking part in with electrical energy can be hazardous. Lichtenberg designs, which are fractal channels burned into wood or other elements by the (hopefully) even handed application of higher voltage, are undoubtedly something we have seen and highlighted just before. Having said that, the American Affiliation of Woodturners — because of class there’s this sort of a team — now condemns the practice, which evidently has caught on in the woodturning local community. The AAW genuinely does not want anybody accomplishing Lichtenbergs — they banned the exercise at all their activities and in their publications, enlisted the help of a medical doctor to inform all people that energy can prevent your coronary heart, and urged any person who has fractal woodburning equipment to toss it out now ahead of it attacks. We realize and wholeheartedly agree that performing with higher voltage can be harmful, and we’re not saying that woodturners need to not take the perhaps deadly effects of Lichtenbergs severely. But this warning appears a bit abundant coming from an organization that encourages its members to stand in entrance of a device that can throw razor-sharp equipment at you, fling hefty chunks of wood at your head, or promptly minimize you of your clothes — or even worse. Be risk-free out there, everyone.

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