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Keyword Analysis Tools: What Is the Importance of Keyword Research in Digital Marketing?


Did you know that the only difference between a website that ranks highly and attracts huge traffic and one that doesn’t lie in how they handle their keywords? In such a case, you need to learn how to conduct keyword research so as to come up with keywords that help rank favorably for your product or services. Most importantly, you need to identify a reliable keyword analysis tool, either free or premium versions, that help ease this process by helping you explore the different faces of keywords.

For instance, a reliable tool should help you identify how strongly different keywords, both short and long tail rank when compared to the rest. Your preferred tool should also be able to help you predict where your online traffic comes from and set you on a path towards its consolidation. But what is the importance of keyword research for any brand aiming to tap into the online market?

1. Helps a brand broaden its reach

With the internet estimated to have reached over 50% of the global population, online marketing presents you with an access to more than half the global market. However, note that you will need a market to understand a proper approach that drives this market to your business. This can be achieved through the content marketing or graphic imagery that is then enhanced through keywords. Keyword research helps you narrow down all the possible options of tapping into this market and identifying the most viable one.

2. Provides a point of interaction between business and online consumers

For a potential customer to reach your business online, they need to key in certain keywords that define your business. This may be a product or service you might be following, trends that your product or service follows or any other key phrase relating to your product or service. Given the broad nature of these key phrases, you need a keyword tool to narrow them down in their order of relevance. The most popular keywords can then be used alongside the content you share online and where they provide a point of interaction between you and your potential customers online.

3. Help inform a marketing plan

Proper keyword research also helps you create an online marketing plan. For instance, if you hope to boost traffic to your online website through paid advertising, it is only prudent that you use the most prominent and visible keyword for that brand. A reliable tool helps you come up with such a keyword and help inform the course of the online marketing plan.

Bottom line

Keyword research forms the backbone of any successful brand online. You need to drive traffic to your business that in turn helps you achieve your set goals like sales or improve visibility. Research also helps you identify the keywords with the greatest potential for improving your brand visibility. Most importantly, it helps consolidate your marketing plans by helping identify the type of content to use as well as the …

How To Record Your Voice So It Sounds Professional

It is incredibly easy to record your voice in 2012. All you need is a high quality computer microphone, which you can pick up from almost any corner store these days (I’ve even seen them at drug stores!), and a computer. Windows has a simple little program built right in called Sound Recorder. It’s small and dead simple. There is one button that either says “Start Recording,” “Stop Recording” or “Resume Recording.” So really it is easier to record in Windows than it is to, say, use e-mail.

Most folks can figure out how to hook up a simple mic, like the little headphone/mic combos you can get at one of those corner stores I mentioned. Assuming your computer has a soundcard (and a vast majority of them do – they come that way from the manufacturer), all you have to do is put the little 3.5mm plug into the pink socket on the card. If it is a headset type of mic, you put its plug into the green socket. Now you are all set to chat on Skype, record a podcast, etc. If all you want to do is have fun talking to friends and family or putting your voice onto a quick video for personal reasons, then you’re good to go with the above recording set-up. However, if you are using your recordings for your business, an internet business with podcasts and videos for example, your audio will not sound professional enough.

So even though most folks can easily figure out how to record their voices, actually achieving an audio product that sounds professional seems to be elusive. Even when people realize their audio could, and should, be better, they often don’t take the steps they need to in order to get professional results. The irony is that it is quite easy, fast and inexpensive to get to that next level. The thing that will have the biggest impact is changing microphones. The kind you plug into your sound card is not the kind you want. You want a USB microphone. As the name implies, these mics can be plugged directly into the USB port of any computer and they’re ready to use. They’re even easier to connect since you don’t have to dig around the back of your computer looking for the little sound card holes.

But not all USB mics are alike. You want something called a large diaphragm condenser (LDC) type of USB mic. These are large mics that look different from the standard hand-held icecream-cone type of mics you see a lot. You usually speak into the side of an LDC, rather than the end as with standard stage mics. But these are not as expensive as you might think. My local Best Buy has one called the Samson C01U that is only about $75. Don’t just believe me. Try it for yourself. Record your voice with a standard PC mic plugged into your sound card. Then record again with the USB …

Let’s See why is JIO Getting Popular??

History and background of JIO:

JIO is one of the largest network operators across the India. It is the only network operator that has grown and expanded in just a very small period of time. It is a company covering about 22 circles in India. It is an operator supporting 4G VoLTE technology. It is a network operator having more than 100 million subscribers in such a small period of time. It has almost 1, 00, 000 towers installed in the country and is the process of installing about 1, 00, 000 towers more in the country. According to a few studies, the data usage of JIO in India is 50% more than that of China.

Jio is the provider of special offers, deals and combos for its users. The users can enjoy special deals and offers by making a recharge online. One can get informed about the special deals as well as offers among the users. It offers both prepaid as well as postpaid users with long term plans as well. It is gaining popularity among its users, as it is committed to facilitate them world’s most affordable data as well as the highest quality services at fair prices.

One can now easily get informed about the plans offered by Jio to its valued users. It is possible by searching online on its official website. The prepaid users of Jio can enjoy the services offered by Jio after making a JIO recharge of a plan according to their budget. This recharge can be done online by oneself without even stepping out of his/her home. They can make choice for the plan according to their budget out of the exclusive collection of JIO plans available.

This online recharge can be made anytime and from anywhere in the world. One can now make JIO recharge from its official website in a simple as well as hassle free manner. This recharge can also be made by making use of the apps like Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge, etc. These apps accept different modes of payment like debit card, credit card, etc. The online recharge has enabled the users to enjoy convenience as well as comfort of their home along with other services.

The users are always suggested to cross check the number before making a recharge, as if the number goes incorrect the recharge goes to the incorrect number and the amount does not come back. There has been a considerable rise in the number of JIO users. It has become the prime choice for the users across the country. It has recently launched its roaming services that are available across the world. The online recharge is instant, fast as well as beneficial for the users across the globe.

It has satisfied a number of users across the country. It has a friendly as well as patient staff that is always available to support its users anytime they want. It makes use of a safe as well as instant process of payment. It is …

Learning More About Chemical Analysis Equipment

Are you interested in learning more about chemical analysis equipment? If so, attending a conference on the topic may be exactly what you need. These conferences often cover all aspects of the technical side of things. They may also include opportunities to socialize, learn about new equipment, ask an expert all of your questions, and perhaps even engage in enjoyable activities, such as golfing.


Why Preregister?

Many of these conferences on equipment for chemical analysis will encourage you to preregister. Why do they do so? Often times, this is for planning purposes. It’s helpful to the conference organizers to know how many people they can expect. This way, they can ensure that there is enough seating, supplies, and so forth for everyone in attendance. As an incentive to get you to preregister, these conferences will often give you a discount on the price if you register before a certain date. After that date, the price may be higher. So if you are able to arrange your affairs to register in advance, it can mean a monetary savings for you. It also has the added advantage of allowing you to plan your schedule surrounding the conference that much more in advance.


How Does One Preregister?

Each conference is different, but many will provide an online form for registering in advance. Typically, all you need to do is go to a specific website and fill in some basic information on the online application. The form may ask you for information such as your first and last name, company, title, address, phone number, e-mail address, length of time in the industry, and how you heard about the event. Of course, you will also need to provide payment information. This is usually done in the form of a credit card. While all of this may seem like a lot to provide, it is actually a small investment in what might well prove to be a very big opportunity to help grow your business.…

Learning How to Use Parts for Improved Functions at Work

Computer technology has crossed over into thousands of industries today. It has allowed companies responsible for making equipment parts to improve their products’ designs and enhance the functions that the parts offer.

As innovative as the parts may be, they could still perplex you particularly when you need to buy new ones to replace old components. You can learn about them and how to use them properly by using the resources on the website.

Using Printed Resources

If you are someone who learns better by reading about the newest inventions, you may prefer to use the technical papers found on the website. The link to the papers can be found at the top of the website. They provide an outline for how to use the parts so you can follow along step-by-step once they are delivered to your factory.

The technical papers also provide some of the more important specifications you need to learn how to use the parts that are listed for sale on the website. They tell you if the valves, deaerator pumps, hoses, and other parts can fit on the machinery you have in your factory or if they are indicated for other brands of machinery.

The papers are available for you to read and download at your convenience. You can keep them on your computer or your mobile device for easy reference.



If you are someone who learns better by watching parts in action, you may prefer to watch the videos that are available to customers like you. The videos offer the same level of information found on the technical papers. However, they actually show you how to use the parts that you can order on the website.

By the time the parts are delivered to you, you may know how to use them to your factory’s benefit. You can also pass along this knowledge to your employees to avoid malfunctions with the equipment in your workplace. The resources on the website allow you to get caught up with the latest technology found within your own industry.…

Types of virtualization

With the dawn of the cloud age, virtualization has become an integral element for the information technology industry. This technology has the ability to curtail costs associated with hardware and utility bills while increasing the efficiency of the overall process. Virtualization can change the whole IT infrastructure of an organization within a short span of time.

What is Virtualization?

It is the process by which a physical server can run multiple virtual environments in order to run different programs with no interference of any kind between them. The virtual environment can either be a single instance or combo of multiple environments like an operating system, storage devices, network servers, application servers and computing environments, etc.

Benefits of Virtualization

There are many benefits associated with this amazing technology which range from reduction of costs related to capital and operational expenditures; risk minimization and better mitigation plans; effective and efficient utilization of existing resources; improved accessibility and employee productivity, and freedom from any type of vendor lock-in.

Numerous benefits are provided by virtualization which includes reduction in costs, efficient utilization of resources, better accessibility and minimization of risk among others.

Types of Virtualization

There are mainly 7 types of virtualization that differ depending on the type of element they are used on and each has a unique effect on the security of the network. Given below are brief descriptions of these 7 virtualization types:

  1. Operating System Virtualization

OS virtualization is the most commonly used virtualization type. Such an OS is referred to as a virtual machine as it includes putting an instance of an operating system or multiple instances on a physical machine. This reduces the cost of physical hardware by reducing the number of physical machines as multiple virtual machines can run on a single server simultaneously.

  1. Server Virtualization

Server virtualization has been extensively used in the IT industry since the advent of this technology. It is also known as the ‘advanced load balancing’ and ‘application server virtualization’. In this type, the IT departments divide the workload of applications and servers by spreading them across multiple servers and across applications, respectively. This strengthens the network security and also makes management of applications and servers really easy.

  1. Application Virtualization

A common misconception is that application server virtualization and application virtualization is the same thing which they are not. In application virtualization, applications are stored on a central server while using the RAM and CPU of computers with the help of cloud-based software.

  1. Administrative Virtualization

The least known type of virtualization is the administrative virtualization. It is used mainly in data centers for their management. With the help of user and group policies, segmented admin roles are created. Each role has different permission sets i.e. their access can be limited to specific servers, applications and infrastructure, etc.

  1. Network Virtualization

Network virtualization occurs when a central virtual network is created by combining the software and hardware resources of the network along with its functionalities. Its components include firewalls, switches, NICs, storage devices, VMs, VLAN …

SSO and MFA Optimization Through OneLogin

Quickly gaining traction as a world-class provider of business-level cybersecurity solutions, OneLogin is a mediation platform that works together with back-end managers to design websites and apps with a plethora of security options that protect not only the company and its staff but also the clientele themselves. Their handiwork can be found in common social media apps such as Facebook, Tumblr and Snapchat; these systems often require multifactor authentication (MFA) for users to gain access the first time through with a new device, after which they can log in automatically thanks to the single sign on (SSO) system that recognizes continuing patterns of the legitimate user.

It’s more important than ever that clients and businesses alike look to dedicated security firms to secure their data, and the weekly headlines about breaches aren’t helping the peace of mind with any transaction that involves a credit or debit card. While there are many new payment methods now available — Android, Apple and Samsung all have their own wallet and payment systems — these aren’t perfect in their own right. The term “cybersecurity” has almost become a contradiction in itself because the Internet as a whole has more and more transformed into a playground where the bad guys always have the edge.

Every time a manufacturer database is breached, there are at least six figures in damages to cure, and the extent of it can often reach well into the millions or higher. Clients depend on these businesses to take their credit card information among other credentials and protect them from theft, and once a breach occurs, it’s difficult to trust those brands anymore. As a consequence, it’s become a focal point for businesses to secure their assets with the services of security firms such as OneLogin. Because they’re not simply an in-house team of code engineers, they know tricks that other IT managers won’t.

How It Works

OneLogin’s system uses a combination of cutting-edge multifactor authentication (MFA) to seal off intrusion attempts while single sign on (SSO) works to ensure a streamlined access experience is available to the legitimate users who are trying to step across the threshold between cold distrust and a warm welcome. The multiple factors of authentication are expansive, and OneLogin’s seasoned team of IT pros are able to work with manufacturers in the creation of their web-based services with the following points to verify users:

  • Login credentials to identify oneself up front while attempting to gain access
  • One-time passwords (OTPs) that are sent via text message to the phone number on file
  • Code generators that are used on the website or through a third-party service
  • Biometric information such as fingerprints or facial recognition
  • Security questions that only the legitimate user would know
  • Certificates that are installed on the user’s hardware
  • Location information of the user

While it’s usually not necessary to pace first-time logins through all of these steps, manufacturers have the option of imposing some or all of them as needed on their platforms. Once …

The best marketing tactics that went viral in 2018

              As the time moves forward, people are developing new marketing strategies that are being more useful when it comes to boosting your reach and having your message spread to millions of people. Even though there are standard strategies that will always be useful and applicable towards a certain target group, once the internet has become a part of the mass media, the approach is changing constantly, almost as soon as the algorithms are changed. When it comes to placing a marketing strategy online, there are many aspects that need to be considered, since many things are changing and a person that will be on charge for implementing the strategy needs to have a lot of knowledge about the platform itself. However, within this article we will stay focused only on the newest marketing strategies proven as the best ones in 2018, and if you want to read more over the standard methods, you can do it by clicking on the following link

              Promote yourself by posting videos

              If you are a regular user on the most used platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, probably you’ve already made it clear that promoting your product or service via posting a video has become a trend. People are getting easily entertained by this form of content, and once you are able to provide a decent content that will be fun enough to be watched, you will pass through this and get promoted. Also, you can add an advertisement which will start in the middle of the most watched videos, and by that, you will be able to promote your product or service and make sure that your message will be received, since most of the content provided by those pages is very addictive, and in order to understand the message from the video, or learn about the most important part, people will need to wait couple of seconds and watch your advertisement until the end. In case you are not a social media user, and you are still wandering what is this all about, you can get more information by clicking here, and learn how it is done. This strategy is most efficient when it comes to elder people as well, since they are being easily entertained by content of this kind, and will prefer to watch a video rather than to read an article or go through the small details over a picture.

              Consider using a SEO    

Even people that are not a part from the marketing field have heard about that thing so called SEO, which is the short term for search engine optimization. It is a process which is maintained by hiring a professional that will be in charge for boosting your page by certain mechanism, which will be very important when it comes to boosting your webpage get more visitors and become very popular, taken as one of the first choices when it comes to customers. Since the internet is a very crowded place, unfortunately, …

The Software You Choose Can Make Your Company Thrive

Did you know that you can have a successful business by making smart selections with the software that you use? Many businesses don’t realize the type of potential they have if only they utilize available resources to them. There are many resources out there to help companies be at their maximum efficiency. It is important to utilize these resources to prevent your business from failing. According to, about 80 percent of people who start a business fail within the first 18 months and 50 percent of startups fail after only operating for four years. These numbers are amazingly high for businesses to fail. This means that companies must work harder and be more creative in keeping their business from failing. It is important to choose a cloud based inventory software to help your company reach its maximum efficiency.

According to, some of the main benefits to inventory management software include minimizing inventory costs and maximizing sales and profits. When you have a software that does everything for you that a normal person would, you are able to have things run more efficiently. You do not have to take that risk of human error because the system is programmed to specialize in inventory accuracy. You have less of a chance risking your company for inaccurate numbers, which could hurt the company significantly financially. For example, if you have a regular person in the position of performing inventory control and the numbers are completely off, this can cause you to lose money because you are making financial decisions based on what the inventory numbers say.

Another benefit to inventory management software is being able to integrate your whole business as well as automation of manual tasks. Being able to quickly see where your business is with revenue and profits are important in making business decisions that can affect the overall outcome of the business. You need to be able to quickly view simple reports and to see what products successful and what products are are failing. Again, it is the implementation of the software that will assist with efficiency and the productivity in your operations, that will help your company rise to its fullest potential. It is important to let technology help your business keep up record keeping and managing your overall data.

Overall, you want to make sure that you do the best you can for your business and that means utilizing efficient software. You may have to invest in a small amount in order to gain a larger amount. Also, remember that the numbers do not lie. More than half of the businesses that open end up failing the first 18 months of running. This number is stating that most likely most of business owners will fail at their business. This is the last thing you want to happen, so take time into thinking about how you can make your company thrive by keeping up with modern technology and implementing inventory management software. You must have to act …

Offload Those Visual Assets and Watch Them Earn Their Keep

The report is due for next week’s department meeting, a theme requiring a fair amount of research to answer questions from the scientists, astronomers, and subject matter experts on the meeting roster. Following a string of 12-hour days, more than a few dead ends, and some last-minute tweaking, the slides are up to your standards. Interestingly, during your extensive research, astronomy images and other information, charts and tables were discovered from other sources which would have made previous presentations a lot more effective. However, there were licensing restrictions which limited access, a deadline to meet and limited funds for the project. Notwithstanding, you’re introduced, and you bring up your first PowerPoint slide.

Whether it’s government agencies, industry, research universities, or publishing, scientific research is a tedious chore, especially when proper citing of a source is required. Popular search engines have millions of images available at no cost to the everyday user, typically a bewildering array, unsorted and unsearchable. A common starting point, Google, contains the handy ‘Images’ link. Keying in a search term produces an avalanche of surprising photos, graphs, and tables related to the topic. Unfortunately, that interesting rendition of the moons of Jupiter, free to admire, contains the caveat, ‘images may be subject to copyright’, usually a lengthy permission process, possibly costly. University libraries, sources who have placed volumes of useful information on the internet, represent another frequent landing page for researchers. Most have search capability, where a word or phrase can be entered, but the user must learn whether those articles from 2011 are relevant or outdated. Meanwhile, noticing an area of their web page labeled, ‘format type’, the user clicks a link to ‘astronomical tables and graphs’. Subsequently, the succeeding web page requires a user ID and password, more time and effort.

Like many organizations, your visual assets may have started as a list, grown to a desktop database, merged with another relational database on your network, and contain metadata from all three forms. The unreliability of metadata rules is the most common cause of frustration among users, and a primary reason for users, willing to pay licensing fees, to avoid a website in the future. Conversely, when managed by a third-party platform, website visual content, augmented by consistent metadata, produces a steady source of revenue. There was a cost to produce and maintain that spectacular astronomical image, accordingly, make it findable and easy to license or sell, or just make it easier for your own users to access the organization’s visual assets.

Benefits of third-party hosting are evident in familiar offerings like ‘software as a service’ and ‘storage as a service’, concepts that feature metadata tagging services, reporting capabilities and project management tools. Typically, image files require gigabytes of space on a network, certainly bogging down performance and requiring lengthy backup procedures. Proprietary platform providers not only free up space for in-house networks but can also provide a source of revenue when clients can easily license or sell visual assets.