Day: October 5, 2019

Free TikTok Likes and Follower

free tiktok likes

Banham was asked to attend the event because of her 1.3 million fans on TikTok, a smartphone app from Chinese-owned Bytedance, where users share short videos, often based around memes, that has skyrocketed in popularity.

There was no formal deal linked to the trip beyond her expenses being paid, nor any requirements for Banham to post about the event on her profile: “He just wanted some TikTok people there.”

The invite goes some way to illustrate TikTok’s emergence as a more significant player on the social media landscape. In February, it was downloaded for the billionth time on Apple and Android smartphones, according to app monitoring firm SensorTower. More than 660 million downloads occurred in 2018 alone – 220 million more than Instagram over the same time period.

“The two immediate comparisons are Snapchat and Vine, both specialising in short content, both specialising in seemingly having a fast take-up by younger people,” says James Whatley, strategy partner at Digitas UK. “And it’s where you’re seeing genuine, quite fun creativity go viral.”

And with an avid audience of hundreds of millions mostly made up of teenagers and pre-teens, it’s an advertisers’ dream.

The earning power of influencers on other platforms like Instagram and YouTube have been well documented – those with enormous followings can earn six-figure sums for a single sponsored post. So does the same apply to the TikTok stars?

Young platform

Sponsored videos are how free tik tok likes stars currently make money, which is different to rival video platform YouTube. “On YouTube, you get money from the views you get, but on TikTok you don’t get money from views right now,” says Javi Luna, a Spanish actor and TikTok creator with 4 million fans.

Luna began posting on TikTok in the summer of 2018, rapidly building up an audience enamoured by his quirky comedy sketches based on relationships and love. The platform is closer to Instagram, he says: “When you get a lot of followers or views, brands send you emails that they want to work with you.”

It’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs like Josh Shepherd, who founded a TikTok talent agency called Influentially around a year ago. His firm represents 15 of the site’s stars, who have a combined following of 15 million fans. They’ve run 35 campaigns in the last seven months, paying £1,500 ($1,937) to send TikTok stars to events such as Formula E races. Compared to influencers on other social media sites, that fee is tiny –Shepherd says that a YouTube influencer with a similar following could get £50,000 ($65,000) for a similar promotion.

TikTok is a leading photo and video-sharing app that hosts the most related, attention-grabbing, enjoyable, quirky movies. It helps creators show off their unbelievable skills and intimate moments and adventures and share them to the remainder of the world. And as this social media app grows fashionable, customers are certain that their pictures and movies are seen by many. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of users do not guarantee a number …

5 Ways To Project Management Success

Three People Sitting Beside Table

1) Size Up The Aims

Business projects are often compared to a long distance car journey. You need to plan your route efficiently and you can often get held up, take the wrong route or in the worst cases stall and break down. Before you set off you make sure the passengers are comfortable and this is the same in any business project. Before you begin the preparation stages of any project the scope, budget and timeframe must be agreed on by all team members. Project management software allows businesses to record each and every aspect of a project allows for individual performance tracking.

2) Divide Responsibilities

Long projects can take a lot of planning and preparation and with that comes individual responsibility. Breaking down roles and tasks is imperative and it also makes the project easier to digest. Setting individual aims is recommended. Dividing the work allows the project to be tames and reduces the risk of a bottleneck is one task is delayed and the next cannot be started.

3) Communication = Quality

Communication is highly important with each stage of the project as each member of the teams requires a good understanding of what is required. It can often be difficult to arrange due to busy schedules and location. Conflicting priorities by both internal and external contributors can often occur. However, modern technology allows for communication to be accessible, easy and instantaneous. E-mails, web conferencing and social media tools allow for quick and easy updates to keep everyone in the know. Ideas, issues and queries can be resolved without a meeting or without making a call by using project management software.

4) Have A Contingency Plan

Risks and threats to the project should be assessed during the planning stages. Some issues can go undetected and not according to plan while obstacles can often put a spanner in the works for some ideas. Projection forecasts can help to find out how the project schedule will be affected and what can be done to get back on the right track. If delays are inevitable, let the client know as soon as possible rather than hoping for a miracle at the last minute.

5) Ensure Maintenance and After-Care for Your Client

After a project and solution has being delivered to the client it is important to focus on strategies as well as support and maintenance. A line must be drawn under the project and the direction must be pointed towards improvement. It is essential to take time to work out how improvements can be made to methodologies and process by gaining team feedback and re-evaluating. What worked? What didn’t? Good project management is a highly effective tool for success.…