Day: October 8, 2018

Things You Should Understand Before You Become Media Buyer

During the past time, media buying was a complex process that requires plenty of time. However, today, it just requires shifting layers and multiple actors. Since there are numerous benefits of this particular product placement, you will be able to use it and implement it in digital marketing too.

If you want to become a media buyer, it is important to understand a few things. We will present you things you should understand before you become a prominent buyer:

You Should Always Optimize It

The first and most important part to understand is that you can seek the better performance of your ad through optimization. Have in mind that when you purchase programmatic media buying, you will get it for default.

For instance, you should always make sure that you or your partner is blocking domains, shifting frequency and changing bid sizes along the way. If you were to imagine a perfect world, media buying should be an automatic process.

The advancement in technology brought us to the point where we have programmatic algorithms that are improving as time goes by and becoming much quicker than humans become when it comes to refining ad performance, or setting is the way should be. Click here to learn more about programmatic algorithms.

Always make sure that the person who creates and sets your campaign that he sets right parameters because that is a vital way to improve your ad and media buying.

Safety of Your Brand Should Be the Priority

You do not want to reach the bad brand safety because that will mean that you will expose it to inappropriate content. Since this means that, you created a wrong media buying that could easily damage your brand reputation and awareness.

It does not matter if you choose the unsafe environment or something that does not go close to the content you implement it. Imagine that you have clothing brand and you use video promoting ISIS to children. That is a brand security fail. Check this website: to learn more on brand safety.

In general, the fewer layers of media buying, you will have the better inventory and more secure performance. The environment is the main thing that matters especially to your potential customers. It is a great challenge if you want to become a media buyer.

Nowadays, there is a drive for people that tend to make black and white lists that will help you find what goes with it. You should understand that key consideration that will help you reach more audience is buying environment. If you place a brand in an unsafe environment, you will create havoc for both your agency and brand.

You Should Avoid Fraud

Have in mind that automation of programmatic ads means that you will not see any always where your ad will appear, which could lead to ad fraud. It means that less you pay the lower quality of ad will be in the inventory, which is a bad thing if you …